Antalya Cycling Routes

Antalya Cycling Routes

Cycling is a favourite sport for outdoor lovers and a popular activity choice during holidays. Lately, many local and international globetrotters check to see if there is a cycling option in the hotels they consider. Many who love adrenaline sports like trekking and bicycle tours plan their holidays taking this criterion into consideration.

Antalya is one of the top tourism destinations in Turkey and apart from historic and natural beauties, it is famous for its beaches and sea. Last but surely not least, Antalya is also a wonderful destination for trekking and cycling thanks to its hills and mountains enabling an elevating route from sea level up to peaks of mountains. Remember Antalya has many cycling routes from its beaches to city centre as well as in its plateaus and hills; all soaked in sun and immersed in forests. Staying at Hotel Berke Ranch & Nature, a bicycle friendly hotel, we will be delighted to offer you mountain bikes and various cycling routes and tours to your liking. You can rent bicycles and discover the beauties of Mediterranean coast on wheels. Keep on reading to find out more about bicycle routes around.

One of the most beautiful bays and ancient ruins of the Mediterranean, Phaselis is an ideal cycling route where greens meet blues. The track is about 115 km and maximum elevation is 87 metres.

Lycia Ancient City
The track parallel to the Lycian Way goes by amazing views and natural beaches. This excellent bicycling route going through coast villages and the ancient ruins, unveils great little beaches to swim and enjoy the nature.

Gökdere Valley is located in the eastern part of Bey Mountains National Park and is the closest valley to the city centre. You can bike in the valley surrounded with nature for around 38 km going up maximum to 1190 metres of altitude.

Lara-Konyaaltı Cycling Track
In the Lara-Konyaaltı cycling route, you can pedal nonstop for 28 kilometres in the city. This is a safe and fun way to explore Antalya and discover the historic beauties, bluest of waters and many parks on the way.

Olympos – Çıralı – Adrasan
Olympos is a unique location with ancient ruins, long beaches and beautiful mountains and it is also an ideal cycling route. You may rent a mountain bike from our hotel and bike all the way from Olympos to Adrasan Bay to experience solitude, must see views and untouched little beaches.

Finike Cycling Route
If you do not prefer mountain biking but love to bike faster, you may opt for the cycling track on Finike-Kumluca highway and pedal safely from Olympos all the way to Finike seaside.

Kumluca Mavikent – Karaöz
Mavikent-Karaöz region offers a popular biking track with its long coast and camping spots through it. Here, you may arrange a picnic in the national park as well as cycle around and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Geyikbayırı – Çağlarca
Geyikbayırı region is eligible for all kinds of natural sports thanks to its geographical specifications. This is a popular spot for bike lovers of all ages and nationalities with its natural beauty, picnic options and cool climate.

Doyran Puddle
If your choice of place to pedal is away from the crazy crowds of the city, Doyran Puddle is just what you are looking for. The route goes around the puddle and gives mesmerizing views to the bikers. You may even organize biking tours to this location and camp under the greenest of trees, take in the calmness and enjoy the scenery.

Silyon Ancient City
Silyon Ancient City had been home to many civilisations thanks to its location and is a wonderful bike track in Antalya. This is an easy route you can bike with all kinds of bicycles.


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