An Unforgettable Summer With Nature & Animals

  • Training areas for both new and experienced riders
  • Riding course for beginner level riders
  • Horse riding on the beach and forest for experienced riders
  • Horse riding activities continue all year long, all riders are fully insured against any injuries that may occur.
  • All trainings and rides are subject to fee.

At Hotel Berke Ranch, horses are available for horseback riding enthusiasts. Nearly 20 noble and trained Arabian and European horses are accommodated.

20 acres, 2 thousand m2 manege, 10 thousand m2 free paddock area, a saddle room, between 3 to 10 people is serving at the horse department.

Our instructors gives special horseback riding lessons for beginner riders in manege, and jump and dressage lessons for those who want to improve their skills.


you can join rides on the beach or in the forest ranging from 1 hour to 5 hours.

1-Hour Forest Tour

A 30 minute ride through a pine forest and then a break on a mountain with a view. A break on a hilltop with a view of the coast from Tekirova to Antalya which is a wonderful opportunity for gorgeous photos.

2-Hour Twin Peaks Tour

A tour perfect for galloping on a smooth road paved with cobblestones. The route heads toward Twin peaks. We will take a break inside the forest immediately behind Twin Peaks after a one-hour ride. We return to the hotel after passing in front of Twin Peaks and through the village.

3-Hour Forest Tour

You can gallop on this tour with a view of the sea, take a swimming break in spring water collected in a reservoir then return to the hotel via Yörük Halil.

5-Hour Forest/Beach Tour

This is a trip to Alacasu Bay for experienced riders and includes swimming with the horses and touring an ancient church.