Trekking Routes in Kemer-Çamyuva

Trekking Routes in Kemer-Çamyuva

Trekking Rotaları

Be it walking on bumpy paths or mountain slopes, it is great to discover nature on foot. Amazing trekking routes, your own speed and fresh air present you with hundreds of kilometres of freedom and fulfilment to achieve the best you can at the end of a tough trekking day. Any healthy person can do trekking. Alone or with your kids or dog, walking to discover nature with your loved ones is a memorable experience and a unique way to spend quality time together. If you choose your path right, trekking is a wonderful weekend family activity. For those who prefer outdoors and nature to crowds of the city, Kemer Çamyuva trekking routes are just for you. 

Nature Sport: Trekking

A favourite nature activity, Trekking is walks in nature, especially in forests and mountain areas. These walks, mostly for groups, are possible in every season and can take up to a few days rather than hours. If you have the correct seasonal equipment, your walk will be even more enjoyable and efficient as well as healthy. For an unforgettable weekend or long awaited vacation, you may opt for Kemer Çamyuva with its many trekking routes.

Lycian Way

Trekking Rotaları

The Lycian Way stars from Muğla Fethiye and goes on to villages of Antalya. This is a historical trekking route, one of a kind in the world with mesmerizing views. One of the longest trekking routes in the world, the Lycian Way is favoured by many local and international tourists. Trekking on the Lycian Way offering walkers a parade of civilisations is a significant activity to add to your vacation plans. If you are in Kemer for holidays, do not miss the opportunity to walk the Lycian Way. 

Yanartaş – Chimera

When one talks about Kemer, what comes to mind first is sea, sun and sand but the historical places and remains in this vicinity are also prominent and worth visiting. Yanartaş- Chimera on Antalya Kumluca direction is one of them. You can reach Chimera on the way from Çıralı to Yanartaş direction with one kilometre rise. To experience the everlasting fire of Lycia the best, we recommend you to walk in the late evening. The Yanartaş legend is best seen in dark therefore you might need a flashlight. The path you will climb up is a bumpy one, so ensure you have the right shoes and equipment. All this effort will pay back once you reach the burning light at the top of the hill thanks to an amazing view.

Beydağları Seaside National Park & Gelidonya Lighthouse

Bey Mountains National Park located in Kermer is an especially unique place with natural and historical beauties. The area is a protected one to ensure it it preserves its unique features, e.g; one of a kind bays, beaches and a variety of trekking routes. Bey Mountains National Park is impressive with its wonderful nature and ideal for trekking. The walk follows the mountain ridge and goes all the way to Gelidonya – former Kilidonia – Lighthouse, one of the icons of the Mediterranean must see places.

If you are spending a few days in Kemer Çamyuva, do not miss to enjoy these most amazing forest trekking routes of the Mediterranean.

Gelidonya Lighthouse located in Antalya, Kumluca region is known to be the lighthouse on the highest point of all Turkish coast. It takes place amongst pine trees and forests and enchants you with its awesome sea views uniting greens and blues of the Mediterranean. Gelidonya Lighthouse is a wonderful route for trekking and a best place to take photos in sunset. This iconic lighthouse has been shedding light on ships to guide them for many years now so make sure to take a day to walk to the Gelidonya Lighthouse to enjoy the scenery, amazing nature and sea views.

If you are staying with us at Hotel Berke Ranch & Nature Hotel during your stay at Kemer Çamyuva, you can reach all the above trekking routes easily. We strongly encourage you to spare a day for trekking to get a deeper understanding of Mediterranean nature and lifestyle. After the tiring yet satisfied day, take a rest at our spa and enjoy a body massage to relax and rejuvenate.

You can join the daily and weekly trekking tours organized by our hotel to learn more about Kemer Çamyuva trekking routes.


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