5 Activities to Do in Kemer Çamyuva

Kemer, one of the main attraction points of Antalya is a major tourism center of the Mediterranean coast. Kemer, a favorite of tourists from domestic and international markets, offers a joyful, peaceful holiday option.

Among places to explore, Çamyuva stands out. Kemer Çamyuva has places to discover and enjoy thanks to its Blue Flag beaches, amazing sea, ancient cities, natural beauty and lively night life. Embracing globetrotters especially in summer, Çamyuva is also ideal for daily or weekend visits with many offerings and acitivites resulting in memorable experiences.

What to do in Kemer Çamyuva?

Çamyuva (pronounced Chamyoova) is a small town in the district of Kemer, Antalya Province, Turkey, situated to the south of the central town of Kemer

Trekking on the Lycian Way

ÇamyuvaTake a walk on the Lycian Way in Kemer if you wish to create unforgettable memories. Though some routes are a little tough, the mesmerizing views at the end of the road will be worth it. Our hotel is located on the Lycian Way and take a day to walk this most famous trekking route before you leave our hotel. After trekking, you can enjoy our spa with a Bali Massage and relax enjoying the mountain views of the relaxation area.

Discovering Phaselis Ancient City

An ancient Lycian city Phaselis is a must see due to its history and beach. Phaselis is always cool even on hot summer days thanks to being surrounded by pine forests. You can enjoy sight seeing in the city without being bothered by humid weather.

Phaselis is around 5 kilometers to our hotel. Once you are staying with us at Kemer Çamyuva, we encourage you to visit Phaselis Ancient City, a great activity to better understand the culture. The base station of the Olympos Aerial Tram is located nearby Çamyuva.

Cycling Tours

There are various cycling routes around Kemer Çamyuva for thouse enjoying nature sports and activities. Short bicycle rides around will enable you to see natural beauties, villages, mountain roads arounds. This experience presents a chance to keep active during your vacaiton and adds to value to your time in Kemer.

You can hire bikes from our hotel located in breath taking pine forests and go on tours around the hotel taking in the pine smells and fresh air.

ATV Safari Experience at Taurus Mountains

ATV safari tours, is one of the most liked nature activities in Kemer. A fun ride is possible with an ATV on the muddy mountain roads of Kemer. Stop by rivers to give a swim break and take a selfie!

Such safari tours will give you the opportunity to discover more of Taurus Mountains be it a solo drive or a group activity. To experience this adrenaline journey is a great activity for your Kemer holiday.

Moon Light Park

Moon Light Park, is located at Kemer center. The park is located by the seaside and a popular area to visit. Scattered around palm and eacalyptus trees are cafes, boutiques, markets and tennis and basketball courts.

There is also a water park in Moon Light Park where you can spend your day with different fun activities here and at the beach and your evening at the pubs and bars.

Kemer Beach

Kemer is famous for its turquise blue waters and long beaches. Çamyuva Beach and Moonlight Bay are especially standing out. You can reach Çamyuva seaside on foot or with a car ride. Thanks to water sports activities, you can spend your day happliy in Çamyuva Beach which has a Blue Flag.

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